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July 31, 2022
Hola Arizona
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What is Sonoran-Style Mexican Food?

Just like areas across the U.S., Arizona is a melting pot of many cultures, and its food reflects a variety of influences, but does Arizona have a specific regional type of food they call their own? If you asked the locals, they’d say the most favorite Arizonan cuisine is Sonoran-style Mexican food. This is an approach to border cooking that differs from Tex-Mex, New Mexican, or Baja styles and is rarely found outside of Arizona.

Arizona shares its southern border with the Mexican state of Sonora, which includes the Sonoran desert, and its cooking has been greatly influenced by immigrants from that region. Unlike a large portion of Mexico where corn reigns supreme, Sonora is a wheat-growing region. Don’t be fooled, they still use corn tortillas in a lot of their dishes, but the flour tortilla gets special attention. Sonoran-style flour tortillas are stretched paper thin and cooked on a griddle producing small blisters that give them a smoky flavor. Someburros is famous for their tortillas, which are handmade every day.

Sonora also utilizes their cattle ranches which puts a lot of focus on their beef—especially machaca and carne asada, which is wildly popular with Someburros burros (burritos), tacos, salads and tamales. Someburros, similar to some other Sonoran-style Arizona restaurants, machaca burros are universal and not just for breakfast and scrambled with an egg, Someburros uses that delicious meat throughout the menu. Sonoran cooking is based on hearty simplicity as well as fresh, quality ingredients without a lot of fuss or fanciness.

Sonoran-style cooking includes the famous enchiladas, which is filled with cheese or meat, with red or green sauce and rolled to perfection with corn tortillas. Pro tip for Someburros guests, topping those delicious enchiladas with a fried egg takes your dish to the next level! Don’t forget the famous Someburros hot sauce which is also Sonoran style because of its tomato-base.

You can’t have Sonoran-style food without mentioning the Chimichanga. Yes, you can find this dish all across America, but Arizona has claimed the fame of the chimichanga, thanks to Sonora, who really invented it in the first place. A fried burrito is loved by all, especially if it’s smothered in sauce.  If you want Sonoran-style food, look no further than Someburros. They’ve worked hard at keeping the traditional flavors and authentic style of cooking just like what you’d find south of the border.