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August 3, 2022
All About Someburros
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Let Someburros Cater Your Fiesta!

Here are the reasons why you should have Someburros cater your next party!

Any good party includes socializing with guests, and of course, eating delicious food. That is the hardest part of planning a party, providing the food for your guests. Having the right food can make or break any party or large gathering. Planning a meal for your event, and cooking for large groups of people can be confusing, especially portion control. You don’t want food to go to waste, but you don’t want people to going hungry either, so portion control needs to right. Cooking for the amount of people at your party can be confusing, making it that much more difficult for you.Someburros can take that guess work and stress out of your party!

For the reasons above, Someburros is clearly best option. Someburros will make providing food for your guests a breeze. They provide Simple Service, where you can choose one entree, rice and beans, hot sauce and chips and you can pick up from your favorite location! Or, they offer Self-Service, which include choosing two entrees, like their famous crispy tacos, burros or enchiladas, rice and beans, chips and hot sauce as well! If you’re looking for more of a hands off approach, and have a larger party and want Someburros to set up everything, you’re in luck! They do that too! Their Full-Service option allows the guests to choose from two entrees, rice and beans, chips and hot sauce like the choices before, but they’ll also deliver, set up tables and linens for your event, and clean up to make your party the best! From small gatherings like a birthday party, office lunch or small gathering, to catering for weddings, funerals or big parties, Someburros covers all the stress of food! 

Saving Time and Looking Great

Someburros does the bulk of the work when it comes to food. They will bring all the fixings to  ensure that there is enough food for all of your guests. Depending on your catering choices, they will deliver your food for a buffet style dinner or provide servers to serve the food to your guests. This leaves you more time to concentrate on other details or to simply sit back and relax now that the bulk of the work is on Someburros shoulders. You can also expect a great selection of food from Someburros! Check out their catering page to see all the details and options from each category! Part of a great dining experience is presentation, and Someburros is awesome at food presentation. You can be assured that your food will be presented and served in a way that will appeal to all of your guests.

Order Someburros catering for your next event, and be the Guac-Star of your Fiesta!